Joel Kuplack
Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer


Joel Kuplack, who joined Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation in 2007, is Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer. He is responsible for ensuring that our culture and employee relations efforts align with and support Air Wisconsin’s mission, values, and strategic direction.

Kuplack leads the human resources team, employee and labor relations, corporate learning, corporate communications, performance management, and rewards and recognition programs.

Experience. Prior to joining Air Wisconsin, Kuplack was Vice President of Human Resources at Comair, a regional airline and subsidiary of Delta Airlines. He started at Comair as General Manager of Employee Services and subsequently served as Director of Inflight Services, Director of Underwing Operations and Vice President of Inflight Services. He also spent 14 years at America West Airlines, initially as a cross-utilized Customer Service Representative, then serving in a number of leadership roles and as a corporate Employee Relations Manager.

Education. Kuplack holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.