Corporate Safety Policy

All employees are responsible for advancing a safe product and work environment in all phases of operation.

Each employee has the responsibility to stop any unsafe act and/or remove equipment or conditions that create a hazard. An employee with a concern, criticism or knowledge of a potential safety problem in any facet of the company's operations should immediately bring it to the attention of his/her immediate supervisor for prompt investigation and corrective action.

If there is not appropriate and timely action or response from the supervisor, the employee has an obligation to continue up the chain of command, as high as necessary, to resolve the concern.

No employee will be disciplined for calling to the attention of the company any actual or potential safety problem.

Christine Deister
President and Chief Executive Officer

Key Safety Programs

  • ☆  Safety Management System
  • ☆  Emergency Preparedness and Response/Crisis Management
  • ☆  Fatigue Risk Management Program
  • ☆  Internal Safety Evaluation
  • ☆  Aviation Safety Action Program
  • ☆  Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program
  • ☆  Event Review Program
  • ☆  Flight Operations Quality Assurance