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Our clearly defined path is designed to place Air Wisconsin pilots on a direct route to the cockpit at United Airlines.

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Guaranteed participation in the United Hiring Process

Upon successful completion of the United CPP interview, you must complete the required flight time for your direct transition to United Airlines!

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United Career Path Program Overview

What is the Career Path Program? The Career Path Program offers Air Wisconsin pilots direct access and guaranteed participation in the United Airlines hiring process to provide Air Wisconsin pilots to United Airlines by providing a direct path for career advancement.

How is the United Career Path Program different? The Career Path Program is designed to ensure United Airlines and Air Wisconsin retain and promote the best and brightest pilots in the industry. Participation in the Career Pathway Program, unlike other flow programs, still allows pilots to follow the traditional hiring model to United Airlines without penalty.

Who is eligible for the Career Path Program?

  • • Must be employed by Air Wisconsin Airlines

  • • Have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. However, you will not be eligible for hire at United until you have obtained a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or have obtained other applicable credentials acceptable to United Airlines.

  • • Have a training performance record that is acceptable to United Airlines

  • • Have an employment record and history that is acceptable to United Airlines

  • • Complete a minimum of twelve months of active service as a pilot with Air Wisconsin

  • • Complete a job fit assessment that is administered and acceptable to United Airlines

  • • Successfully complete the CPP in-person interview administered by United Airlines

  • • Sign a release permitting United Airlines access to relevant work records on file with Air Wisconsin

How and when do I get hired by United Airlines?

  • • United Airlines must be hiring pilots.

  • • You must have flown either 2,000 hours as Pilot-in-Command or 3,000 hours total in service to Air Wisconsin.

  • • Complete at least one initial qualification evaluation and one continuing qualification evaluation at Air Wisconsin.

  • • Complete any professional development activities required by United Airlines.

  • • Meet United Airlines new hire pilot minimum qualifications.

  • • Satisfactorily complete other customary United pre-employment screening requirements, like a background investigation and drug screening test.

  • • You will not need to complete another interview but must receive a “Recommend” for hire by the United CPP Administrator and United’s Pilot Selection Board, after completing a final performance review of the standards set forth in this CPP program.

If you have additional questions regarding our pilot recruitment activities or any other pilot-related inquires, feel free to contact us .