Our Team

’Our Team’ Events – A Summer of Fun!

Air Wisconsin places a special focus on our team each summer. Events such as an evening at the ballpark, a picnic in the park or bowling are hosted at each Air Wisconsin location. These events are a great way to facilitate bonding with team members and their families. “Our Team” events help build camaraderie “outside the office.”

Teams Giving Back

Air Wisconsin believes that it’s more than just an employer − rather, it strives to contribute to the many communities where team members live and work. In fact, giving back to the community and its people is at the very center of Air Wisconsin’s mission. It is simply the right thing to do.

As part of the “Our Team” strategic plank, Air Wisconsin team members are encouraged to extend the company’s well-known spirit of service excellence throughout their communities. The Teams Giving Back program encourages Air Wisconsin employees to give back in the form of volunteerism.

This annual program inspires work groups to collaborate as teams on volunteer activities. Employees who have participated in Teams Giving Back say the program is one of the most rewarding – not to mention fun – aspects of their jobs.

’Our Team’ Sponsorships

The “Our Team” Sponsorships program is designed to provide financial sponsorships for Air Wisconsin team members to participate in activities that promote wellness and camaraderie. Whether it’s a sports team or a walk/run event, “Our Team” Sponsorships are a great opportunity to build relationships with team members one works with on a daily basis or team members from other departments.


Rewards and Recognition Programs


Part of Air Wisconsin’s mission is to create an environment in which employees know their efforts are recognized and enjoy coming to work. That’s why the company has established various programs to show appreciation to team members for their hard work and dedication. These programs help contribute to an atmosphere where employees feel connected to Air Wisconsin. A positive employee outlook helps create trust and respect throughout the organization.


We ARE Air Wisconsin

The We ARE Air Wisconsin employee recognition program is an easy way to say “thank you” to a fellow team member or even a manager – anyone who helped a customer or employee, or simply helps make the company a better place to work.

The program is designed for everyone – peer to peer, manager to team member, and even team member to manager. It doesn’t even matter if the person recognized works in the same department or not!